Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well Premier Steady Eddie has made his first big gaff - and let me say, for the image he was trying to present it was a BIG gaff. I'm not surprised to hear that Lyle Oberg and Mark Norris are knee deep in it as well.

So apparently you and your multi-national corporation can spend some quality time with Premier Stelmach or some of his ministers for the mere price of $5000. It's been said that everyone has their price; I'm just surprised that Ethical Ed has such a low price - and don't kid yourself, the cost to make your "issues" Ed's "issues" is much lower than $5000. Remember you get two-thirds of that back in a tax rebate. The cost to buy the Alberta premier $1333.33!!! It looks like Mr. Stelmach has a little bit of a price to pay for this bright idea which has tarnished his clean guy image. I hope for Stelmach's sake that he was not lying about canceling the plan before the public outcry, because if he gets caught in a lie there, he will not only be unethical, but he will be a cover-up guy too.

On another note, the LA Galaxy have signed the world's most popular soccer star David Beckham to a 5-year $250 million contract. This is an incredibly risky move, that can make or break the beautiful game in North America. If successful, it builds the league and sport, by profiling Beckham's skills and star-power. The Galaxy will be ground breakers and every other team in MLS will be looking for their own superstar. If it is unsuccessful, the Galaxy will have spent a lot of money on a sport with little potential in North America.

I'm inclined to believe the former and, as a soccer fan, I hope it will ring true. Maybe then Canada will be able to get a successful soccer league off the ground for once.


pikey78oil said...

welcome back ATA...

i agree with yer post, but i'm surprised by the topics. where is the post trumpeting that the NDP now hold the balance of power in the House of Commons?

on another note, i do like the galaxy's signing of I just gotta figure out how to get to a Toronto FC game to see him play!

Anonymous said...
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