Saturday, November 29, 2008

Harper obligated to gain support

As the prime minister of a minority parliament Stephen Harper has the obligation to obtain support of a majority of MPs for any major financial bills. That is the fundamental principal which makes a parliamentary democracy work. If he does not find friends in one of the three other parties on a piece of legislation then it means the country does not support the legislation. It is now time for Harper to put politics aside and craft legislation that will be supported by a majority of Canadians (as evidenced by the support of a majority of parliamentarians).

Part of the problem here is the completely objectionable conduct of the Liberal MPs at the end of the last parliament. Why would anyone be happy with electing an MP who abstains from voting on a piece of legislation that they believe is bad for the country, without a conflict of interest present. Yet, that is exactly what the Liberal MPs did in the last parliament. Doing so meant Harper was allowed to put through legislation that Canadians did not want, which is exactly what he is continuing to do now. The puppy peed on the carpet and got away with it, so why should we blame him when he continues to pee on the carpet.

The Liberals have no credibility and the Conservatives have contempt for the majority views of parliament and Canada. I cry a little inside.

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