Monday, May 25, 2009

I can't believe I waited so long to do a Bill 44 post or why I'm bloody tired of the PC Party

It occured to me this evening what gets me upset the most about this so-called Progressive Conservative Party. It occured to me while thinking about Bill 44. I cannot believe that we still allow this party to govern. Albertans are changing and this party is the same party it has been since 1971 when it first came into power. This is not my party, it does not represent my views. I do not need the Supreme Court to tell me that homosexuals deserve to be treated equally (It took them 11 years to write it into law and they fought it for four years before that). And, I will not accept that achieving that equality requires some sleezy closed door political trade-off. We deserve better.

I am insulted when cheap politics gets in the way of good governance and sound policy. I am ticked off that progressives like Dave Hancock and Lindsay Blackett have to trade away their values to good ol' boys like Ted Morton and Rob Anderson. It's ridiculous that they have to join this party in order to achieve good government in Alberta in the first place.

I resent the fact that funding for my education was cut by these people in 1994, 1995, and 1996. And I really don't get why, but they did it again in 1999 and 2001? I didn't like it when I left school to rally on the legislature in 1994 and I don't like it now.

This is not my party. This is the party of my father's generation and the party my grandfather first voted for. This party got elected because Peter Lougheed was ticked off with Pierre Trudeau.

Well, times have changed. I care about treating people like people no matter how they were born. I care about the environment because I understand we live in a finite space and we can't keep doing what we are doing to it. I care about universal health care, I care about people in poverty. I am actually progressive, not just called it.

I can't stand that we continue to allow my parent's party to be elected. Where's my party?