Thursday, November 12, 2009

Youth and low paid workers suffer the most.

Two stories that I came across recently confirm who is really being affected by the recession.

First, a report from the Community Foundations of Canada is pointing out that the youth unemployment rate has hit a 30-year high*. Youth unemployment rose to a staggering 16.3 per cent over this past summer. Even those youth who are able to find work are getting far fewer hours.

In the meantime, Statistics Canada data is showing that "Young people, low-paid workers and families with children have borne the biggest share of job losses in this downturn, while those aged 55 and over had modest employment gains." Talk to anyone in their early 20s and they can tell you stories about themselves, or their peers who are under or unemployed.

I'm sure glad that the Alberta government is gearing up for a kick-em-while-their-down strategy towards our youth, impoverished and families by planning to cut the social institutions that we have set up to help those people in our society who need it most.
*fixed from original posting. Thanks hhenshaw.


Unknown said...

Wait till the crime rate goes up. High unemployment rates among 15 - 24 year old males usually translates into higher crime rates, as this is the population most vulnerable to get involved in crime. It is true that "the devil finds work for idle hands to do".

hhenshaw said...

Typo - should be youth unemployment rate has hit a thirty-year high