Monday, November 29, 2010

Alberta Health Services Works - Part II

Last week, I commented on how Alberta Health Services works in how it has served its function for government. Today, I argue that Alberta Health Services actually works in so far as how it serves its function for patients. However I will be clear, the Capital Health Authority also worked and would have been more effective.

My primary arguments revolve around the experience of my family and my father-in-law. Unfortunately, my father-in-law suffered an injury a few weeks ago and has been under the fantastic care of the medical professionals at the University of Alberta hospital since it happened. Day after day and shift after shift, we have experienced the care of a cadre of professional, competent and compassionate doctors, nurses and other capable healthcare professionals. Unequivocally, I can say that we are blessed to have available to us a world-class outstanding free medicare system. It is first class care that achieves incredible outcomes day-after-day patient-after-patient.

Unfortunately, that system is stretched to the maximum of its capacity and it relies far too greatly on the exceptional drive, dedication and unwavering commitment of its professional public servants. Accessing the system may be difficult and the time required to wait for care is extreme - but once you get the care, you know that it is the best possible care that money can buy, and then some. And that is why I feel obliged as a citizen of Alberta to speak out and defend that system. I will not allow our healthcare system to be jeopardised by cumbersome bureaucracy or by petty politics. We need to speak out about protecting the fantastic care we have available while voicing our concerns and worries in a respectful constructive manner.

I worry about people that need to have access to the system and cannot access it in a timely manner and I worry about what will happen when any more stress gets placed on an already burdened system.

We need to move beyond cookies and promises and look at what is really required to solve the problems and deliver the service that Albertans deserve. It starts by supporting and funding the system appropriately, and it is continued by supporting and listening to the people who are at the heart of healthcare delivery.

People like Raj Sherman, frankly.

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