Monday, April 11, 2011

BKACPP - Libertarian Party of Canada

Party Name: Libertarian Party of Canada

Leader (Location):
  • Dennis Young (Sudbury, ON)

Date of Registration:
  • July 7, 1973

2008 election:
  • 26 candidates
  • 7,300 total votes
  • 8th of 19 parties

Notable History:
  • "The party described itself as Canada's "fourth party" in the 1980s, but it has since been displaced by new parties such as the Bloc Québécois and the Green Party of Canada. The party declined to join the Reform Party of Canada when it was formed in 1987, attracting many libertarians who saw it as a better vehicle to put forward their philosophy." - Wikipedia

Biggest Issues:
  • Small government, property rights, personal liberty.

Intriguing statement on website:
  • We believe that no measure should have the force of law unless adopted by a duly elected Parliament, or by initiative; therefore, we are opposed to government by Order-in-Council.

Extraordinary statements on website:
  • Government interference in current social concerns such as pollution, consumer protection, health care delivery, and poverty exceeds the level required for the protection of individual rights. In addition, problems in these areas have not been solved, but primarily caused by government.
  • We support the repeal of compulsory education laws, and the elimination of government operation, regulation, and subsidy of educational institutions.
  • We propose the elimination of all government involvement in welfare and relief programs. Any aid to the poor should be conducted on a voluntary basis.
  • Doctors and other health care professionals should be free to work without licensing from the government.
  • We advocate an end to defense based on "insanity" or "diminished capacity," which absolve the guilty of their responsibility

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